Adams Amazing Counting Book Counting in Chinese (Adam the Little Airplane)

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EPIX Fri. AMC Fri. FX Tues. E Sat. Typically considering social class and income, they analyze our reaction to a lower rung on the social ladder. They focus on education and jobs—the big decisions. Instead though, two researchers suggest we look at an airplane. Because of its unavoidable inequality unless you fly Southwest , we can consider the impact of when we board and where we sit. The data indicate that airplanes with first class cabins have more air rage incidents, especially if fliers walk past first class when they board.

The key here is that the have-nots see what they are missing. And, the privileged see the amenities that only they receive. As a result, both groups display more antisocial behavior. As you might expect, the most air rage erupts in economy class on airplanes that board from the front. However, researchers also observed an elevated number of anger incidents among higher status individuals.

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Items appraised include a bronze statue of the Rampant Colt, the symbol of Colt Firearms, 29 of a limited edition of ; a World War II Japanese Tuckydanto Type 89 knee mortar ; a signed copy of Wayne Gretzky 's last New York Rangers contract; and a collection of six Japanese throwing stars that were purchased at a yard sale. Also, Rick and Corey make a bet to see who can buy an item with the greater profit margin. Observing that Corey has become irritable as he awaits for an answer from the elder Harrisons to his demand for a partnership, the Old Man tells Rick that they must give Corey an answer.

Also, Corey teaches Chumlee how to use Skype so he can contact the Harrisons when appraising possible purchases. Also, Rick and Chumlee bet as to who can shoot the rifle more accurately. Items appraised include the Christmas Day dinner menu from Alcatraz Prison ; a bomber jacket said to have been worn by Captain Henry S. Huidekoper, a World War II fighter pilot whose plane took bullets and 6 cannon shots during his time flying with the Hell Hawks; a seat from Dodger Stadium that the seller acquired in when the stadium was being remodeled; and a pink Fiat Spider convertible.

Also, Chumlee organizes a Christmas party, over the objections of the Old Man, who feels the shop's expansion has made the annual event too expensive. Items appraised include the militaria belonging to U. Cook, including his medals and documents signed by seven U. Also, Chumlee throws the shop's Christmas party at Danny Koker's bar, Vamp'd, and adamantly imposes strict rules of secrecy regarding the Secret Santa gift exchange, though for reasons that eventually surprise the Harrisons.

Danny Koker and Rick Dale have cameos. Items appraised include a collection of props from the horror film Child's Play , including knives, a voodoo doll and an amulet, brought in by a man who worked as a production assistant on that film; a football signed by members of the Chicago Bears , including Gale Sayers , Brian Piccolo and coach George Halas , given to the seller's uncle by player Ronnie Bull ; and a Gibson banjo. Also, Chumlee is inspired to make a film, The Pawning , about the goings-on at the shop.

Items appraised include an Sharps buffalo rifle; a framed aphorism signed by Mark Twain ; a trinitite souvenir from the Manhattan Project that was purchased at auction; and a collection of five late s pickle casters brought in by a chef who has been collecting them since the s. Also, Chumlee begins to follow the Old Man around the shop in the hope of hearing some notable aphorisms that he can frame and sell for a profit. Items appraised include a copy of the book F. Meets Ibn Saud , signed by the author William A. Eddy , discovered by the seller during a foreclosure cleanout; a scissor katar found in a garage by the owner of a local junk-hauling franchise; a Picasso lithograph, originally given to the seller's grandfather by Picasso himself; a saddle used John Wayne's horse in the film True Grit.

Items appraised include a juror questionnaire from the O. Simpson murder trial ; a collection of jerseys signed by Dennis Rodman , brought in by Rodman's ex-wife in order to pay for their daughter's tuition; a s BMC pedal tractor; and a World War II M cipher machine. Rick Dale of American Restoration has a cameo. Eisenhower by the press corps. Items appraised include a single-person Airboard hoverboard ; a Confederate Civil War ribbon that has been passed down through the seller's family, beginning with his great-great grandfather, who fought in the war; a trading card said to contain a strand of George Washington 's hair, and signed by Washington; and a black, carbon fiber Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet.

Also, comments by the others about his weight spur Chumlee to visit a nutritionist. Also, when Chumlee calls out sick, Corey goes to Chumlee's house to investigate. Items appraised include a set of keys to the Cook County jail cell where Al Capone was housed during his tax evasion trial; a Japanese kamikaze helmet, brought home by the seller's brother after World War II; an half dollar salvaged in from the wreckage of the SS Republic ; and the gray and gold video game cartridges that were played in the Nintendo World Championships.

Also, Rick tasks Corey and Chumlee with finding the Old Man's collection of pennies that he has been hoarding due to the metallic content of the pennies.

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Items appraised include a letter written by Franklin D. Manning, and later acquired by Buffalo Bill and returned to Manning's daughter, May Manning Lilly and her husband, Pawnee Bill , which may be the second one of its kind ever made; and a collection of s Bradley Co. Also, Rick reacts to the repeated theft of his lunch from the staff room. Items appraised include a customized Ford roadster built by the seller with an aftermarket body; the claymation figure of Marilyn Manson that was used in four episodes of the animated TV series Celebrity Deathmatch , which the seller purchased by someone who worked in that show's production; a collection of three transistor radios that were among the items the United States dropped into Vietnam as part of the U.

Items appraised include a collection of postcards featuring early 20th century boxers, including a signed one of Jack Johnson ; a collection of props from the original Star Trek series, including a phaser , a communicator , a first draft script of the feature film The Voyage Home , and a Tribble ; and a Cold War-era Air Force cockpit clock, taken from a plane by the seller's uncle, an airplane mechanic. Also, Rick and the Old Man give Chumlee a desk to work on, but later come to regret it.

Items appraised include an ancient shekel of Tyre ; two original Duesenberg presentation drawings; a pair of engraved Colt Army revolvers; and a case of 25 cans of military emergency water, which was found under the floorboards of the decommissioned Peacekeeper missile launch control center at F. Warren Air Force Base by the seller's contractor father. Items appraised include a Masco guitar amplifier that belonged to Hank Williams, Sr. Items appraised include a campaign hat and poster from John Kennedy 's Presidential campaign ; a Smith carbine rifle from the Civil War brought in by Rob, a store regular and a major gun collector seen in previous episodes; a collection of seven original Kenner Star Wars action figures; and a custom-carved table modeled after the lower half of a man wearing a Scottish kilt.

Also, the men urge Corey to watch Star Wars in order for him to gain insight into the collector market for that franchise's memorabilia.

Items appraised include the cigar box that John F. Kennedy owned while at the White House, which still holds several unsmoked cigars; an Colt Walker. Also, Rick's worries over his father's poor diet prompt him and Corey to steal the sweets that the Old Man receives from a Pie of the Month club, while Chumlee struggles to maintain an improved diet and exercise program. Items appraised include a poster of alternative album art for the Beatles' Sgt. Also, Rick has the shop's collection of classic rock vinyl records moved into the showroom, but Corey and Chumlee, who are given the task, are skeptical that the items will sell.

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Items appraised include a 19th-century medical instrument for removing tonsils. Also, after tricking Rick into believing that they had forgotten his birthday, Chumlee, Corey and the Old Man surprise him with a ticket to Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp, where he is given the chance to perform with one of his idols, Roger Daltrey.