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Clients follow your blog and your motivations have been change. You get new clients by your blog. You can discuss your update work with your client. Hello, I am starting a Vlog Site and I have a friend who will be doing all of the photography for the site. They also will be helping me blog a little as well.

Great blog post! Photography is my passion because so much of it reflects your own personal tastes and style, everything from the subject to the lighting, to editing says something about you. It is truly an inspiring piece of art of when one stops to think about it. Thanks for the great advice, never underestimate the value of keeping positive. Thanks for this good practical advice for beginners. For example, as a professional journalist and digital content creator based in South Africa, one of my regular editorial clients is Peter Morey.

Great article! Thanks, and keep up with the good work! Great blog! I needed to read this! Been a photographer for 7 years, and the blogging part and consistency seems to be rough for me. These are great tips, I took a bunch of notes and will be brainstorming tomorrow! Thanks for this!

Really enjoyed the article. I appreciate how thorough and in depth it was. Found this helpful. Brilliant blog, just what I was looking for and more when I searched I actually blogged — what titles to use when blogging about photo sessions btw. Keep up the good work. I discovered heaps of good tips and counsel here, extremely supportive. I have even bookmarked this page as it will be valuable to return and rehash on the off chance that I have secured most essential regions.

Much appreciated, folks! This is a fantastic suggestion, we are going to building our own blog, so this info will help lead my decisions. These are great tips!

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Thanks for sharing! I love including recent blogs to potential clients, when appropriate… its a lot of work but does pay off! I am very inspired on how to make successful photography blogs. Very good article,I faced some problem on my blog and now you make me a right direction, thank you very much. Keep blogging with this type of great article.

Thanks so much for this info. It is very helpful and motivating as well. I am a newcomer and still learning. Consistency always seems to be my biggest downfall. I get all revved up for a while and then hit a brick wall. The post is helpful though and maybe I will give it another go with a more balanced approach. I am impressed the amount of information in this post. THe only new information I found as a photographer is balancing the blog with the portfolio.

With the way google loves images it works great having both. Also some of the blogging platform are now including great portfolios that can carry some SEO. I started my blog couple of months ago, and love it very much. It is my go-to place to share images and write about my recent photography experience. Could anyone help me with saying a blogging site and how to create a blog there. What a pity i couldnt :. I am using Word Press! So far I am really enjoying it. Awesome investment in my opinion!

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Blogging is the right and professional way of sharing photography. Its worth article and i really loved it. Thank you so much for sharing it.. Thank you so much for this post!

I am just barely beginning my photography business and blog and can get a bit overwhelmed with where to start and how to go about everything. This has helped me so much!

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Excellent advice and still just as relevant in A Well thought out post. I think being consistent is every bloggers downfall. Very useful article. I have been doing my blog for about six months so this has lots of handy tios. Very interesting insight. I believe in professionals so this is a very useful article for everyone. Thank you very much for sharing.. I have been working with my husband, a photographer, and doing all the blogging and marketing projects.

This article is very insightful, thank you! I just like the caring information on photography you provide to your articles.

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I will bookmark your blog and take a look at again right here frequently. Thanks for such post and please keep it up. One well executed blog. All your hints are very helpful. Thank You for sharing such great post with all of us. Thanks for sharing. I have just started in photography and also started a blog to post my photos, these are really helpful tips. Thanks for this. Thanks to this, I managed to create my own photography blog. It is still new and I am still working on kt, but you can still see all the pictures I added.

I created the website 2 days ago for my photography. It is linked to my already existing food blog for vegetarians. Do have a look and let me know how you feel about it. I am not a professional, and am open to suggestions. Thanks for giving a important tips or important information. I am also a professional photographer.

But still this article really help us alot. Great photography tips! Each and every tips are very informative and helpful for photographers to get ideas and knowledge. Excellent work. Thanks for sharing this post with us. I have been searching for the perfect blog for a long time and I have made it today! Excellent blog, great advice and many more! You have shared a great work, thanks for that : Photography plays a crucial role for a passionate photographer, I have seen the work of Brisbane Wedding Videographer and from that day only I am in love with photography and your post will now help me much :.

As a student of photography and a retired US Srmy Vet this helped a ton.