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To say that this season's script has been flipped upside down so far wouldn't be a stretch at all. G2 Esports have also been swept in both of their losses this season, which is half of the four times total they have been swept in the RLCS since the start of Season 4. There are still two more weeks to go to see if Cloud9 and G2 Esports can claw their way to the top of North America.

Regardless, we can say with certainty that the RLCS is only getting more and more competitive with each passing season, which only serves to produce more entertaining Rocket League. What do you think? Can the Big Three recover? Or is it curtains for that era of North American Rocket League?

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BIG3 scores: Triplets win championship

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But is that the full story of Yalta? Yalta Conference, February President Franklin D. Office of War Information Photograph. Get full access to the Churchill Archive. US President Roosevelt reported that: Days were spent in discussing momentous matters, and we argued freely and frankly across the table.

We have a box of sources from the Churchill Archive for you to investigate. Company Profiles. Top Stocks.

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