The Red House: Almost a Memoir

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Obama, the Becoming journal includes more than inspiring questions and quotes that resonate with key themes in Mrs. An initial print of , copies has already been ordered by Penguin Random House. The journal will also be 'printed cream writing paper, with a grosgrain ribbon and a foil-stamped cover and removable half-jacket.

Obama is hoping that with this journal, readers can find their voice much like she found her own as detailed in Becoming. But everything we remember has value. And always one to go high, Obama waited until after the release of Hillary and Chelsea Clinton's new book Gutsy Girls to announce her big news. Becoming was the bestselling book of in the United States, moving 3. It also looks likely to repeat that feat again this year, unless Becoming is bested by its companion piece.

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Scroll down for video. Share this article Share. Comments Share what you think. View all. More top stories. Anyone who has been in this town long enough has their own True Hollywood story.

When you talk about specific thing, there's abuse that happens sometimes in the industry. You have a kid coming in and dealing with that. Right, but as you said, if you want this to be a guide for those coming into this industry, especially people of color, it's helpful to be real so negative experiences aren't repeated or can be avoided. For example, you opened up about an abusive relationship you experienced with an acting coach.

One of the biggest things is my old acting coach. That was a very big part of my upbringing in Los Angeles, as an artist there.

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I was hoping I was fair in the depiction of my memories — good and bad. I'm very cautious about it because she still has an acting school, she's still doing her thing. But, also, it wasn't percent.

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I'm sure she'll take offense to stuff. Something unique throughout the memoir are these inclusions of poetry. You also share how you started Dante's Poetry Lounge now the largest weekly open-mic venue in Los Angeles. What does poetry offer you? I'm a poet, first and foremost as a writer.

That's who I am. That's what I'm most comfortable writing. So there are some pieces in the book that had not been published and Not A Cult media was, like, "Yeah, let's throw them in. For me, it's a smaller way to depict a certain feeling or an event.

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Just made sense to have a few poems in the book, just a bit of my style in there. Right, if it's your memoir, it helps to include that part of yourself. Now, what are some of the biggest reflections you had while looking back at your experiences as a child actor? I feel like I grew up differently, when you're a child actor you grow up differently, but it's not that different than growing up as, like, a child basketball player who goes to the NBA.

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There are certain kids who become professionals at a very young age. There's a lot of sacrifice that goes into that. There's also a lot of pride — but that's not my style, I come from a different kind of upbringing. I mean, there were ups and downs, and that's my experience. I didn't have the regular high school experience. My experiences were on sets.

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  • Michelle Obama to release a journal companion to her bestselling memoir Becoming at $20 a copy.

There's a line in the book where you mention, "You really start to feel that awe and wonderment when you go to public school and people see you on TV. And you express there were a million little things that went into that, that people don't see.

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Right, exactly. I was actually explaining that to my uncle a few nights ago. He was on set, in my hometown. My whole family's there, coming to watch this shoot. And it was super cool and everyone was, like, "I can't wait for the movie to come out. It's not the destination, it's the journey.

The movie is the destination. Audiences see the movie and that's how they experience it, and that's great.

You may like it. I pitched personal essays to foreign newspapers and magazines like the New York Times and kept searching for the right home for the stories stored up inside me. This book means more to me than just sharing stories about my family and myself, and what it means to be a Chinese millennial. Tens of millions of stories like ours make up the present-day complexity of what is China. Through these stories, I hope readers from all around the world can snatch a glimpse of how we came to be—of what our families went through to shape China into the country it is today.

As a Chinese millennial, I want to show the humanity behind the cold economic figures and classifiers associated with China, to reveal the emotions, choices, and compromises, the courage, love, and hope we share with people around the world. Like our counterparts everywhere, we defy single-word descriptions. China has areas of rapid development but also miles of backwater.

It is not only a global power but also a place where many still suffer from crippling poverty. To understand China and Chinese people, you have to imagine yourself there, to think what you might do in the circumstances experienced by families in this book, to have lived through certain politics and cultural traditions shown here. It is easier to blame China than to understand it; it is easier to judge Chinese people than to get to know them. But I believe the rewards for striving to do so are great—as are the risks for failing to try.

When writing this book, I often asked myself: Why should people around the world be interested in my stories about life in China? China plays a central role in international affairs. The subtler reason is that the lives of young Chinese people increasingly overlap with their peers around the world. Young Chinese factory workers produce goods that are bought by consumers in America, Canada, and Europe.

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The real China is not only comprised of the one shown in the daily news cycle. In recent years, several books have been written about Chinese millennials, but mostly by foreign authors. I respect many of these, because they inspired me to write my own. Globally, the voices of young Chinese—especially those of young Chinese women—are often neglected. I may have been born and raised in China, but I am constantly learning new things about it. It is a story of China, and it is my honor to share my country with you.